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Professional Affiliations and Contractor Registration Numbers
As landscaping and concrete paver patio professionals we are building an image of professionalism in how a landscape design build firm or company should operate.  Landscape design, concrete paver patios and outdoor living is a passion for us and we subscribe to the best practices and how to operate our landscaping company that these associations expect their members support and hold themselves up to their standards.
You will see landscape design associations, concrete paver patio manufactures and our respected contractor registrations we adhere to.
When choosing a company see what assocations they are affiliated with.  Choose a company that spends some of their resources to be part of a group of member firms that promote an atmosphere of being a landscape professional.
We are members of the:
Association of Professional Landscape Designers
The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) is an international organization founded in 1989. Our mission is to advance the profession of landscape design and to promote the recognition of landscape designers as qualified and dedicated professionals.  APLD members adhere to a code of professional standards, encourage continuing education, and stay up to date about new developments and latest trends throughout the field. 

columbus landscape assocation
This is a professional association founded in 1926 by local Columbus Companies, other landscape professionals and Dr. Chadwick of The Ohio State University, which their arboretum bears his name.  Go to our links section and you can connect to this association and what it offers.
Jacob has served as President in 2009, 2011 and again is serving as President in 2016.  He has a long standing term as a board member and has helped develop the website for the association over the years.
ohio nursery and landscape assocation
The Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association (ONLA) is a non-profit trade association, incorporated in the State of Ohio, representing the interests of the state's nursery, garden center and landscape industry. Membership is comprised of nursery stock growers, landscape contractors and maintenance firms, garden centers, arborists and allied suppliers.
Unilock Authorized Contractor
What does it mean to be a UNILOCK Authorized Contractor, UNILOCK is the leader in landscape products such as pavers and retaining walls.  They are innovative in coming up with new products that benefit the landscape industry as well as the environment.  Not every landscape company can be a Authorized Contractor, they are selective in their process because they want landscape professionals installing their products, when you become a Authroized Contractor of UNILOCK you are holding yourself to a high standard and UNILOCK recognizes that achievement.
Company ID #6197816 we currently have an (A) rating for the services we provide to our customers.


Founded in 1980, IFMA is the world's largest and most widely recognized international association for facility management professionals, supporting 24,000 members in 105 countries.
Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio

Ohio Department of Agriculture
Business License number: 105053
Applicator  License number: 120211
Nursery Stock License: 3586
 City of Columbus
HIC License number: HIC01877

General Contractor : G04036
City of New Albany, Ohio
Contractor registration number: LCG-2016-0065

City of Dublin, Ohio
Contractor registration number: 16-6987
City of Powell, Ohio
Contractor registration number: 3354
City of Hilliard, Ohio
Contractor registration number: 118459
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